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MerlinAma said:
Cables don't stretch, but if you do not finish the housing ends properly, then the housing may "settle in" a little the first few times you ride giving what you perceive as cable stretch.
cables do stretch.... even DA and campy... real cheap ones stretch a lot...

dérailleur - once u decide on length and tighten all the bolts, along the downtube grab the cable and pull down....u will see it has stretched out.... do this a few times, but do use caution.... when done, and the cable is noticeably looser, readjust the tension and retighten the fixing bolt on the dérailleurs.

brakes.... set the pads close to the rim with the cable tension, and then basically whale on the brake levers with a few pumps... u will see that the gap b/w the pads and rim has now increased.... reset to desired gap. retighten fixing bolt.

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