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I am riding a century on June 21st that I would like to do in 5 hours or finish near the front (whichever is faster). I rode it last year and though it is a fun ride, as usual, the guys in front ride it like a race. I did it in 6 hours last year but we were nursing a guy that was cramping badly along and I am in markedly better shape now. Because of poor weather I’ve only been able to get one ride in over 50 miles, a 70 miler yesterday. On yesterday’s ride me and my riding buddy (who’ll be doing the century with me) were able to bring our average speed up from around 17.5 mph at the 50 mile mark (we were dilly-dallying because we were had a guy [ironically, it was last year’s “cramper”] with us that had no interest in going fast and peeled off for home at the 50 mile mark) to a 19 mph average for the whole 70 miles so I’m not really worried about having the speed/endurance. I just want to make the most of the three weeks before the century. So what should I be doing?

Here are some facts to help you guys help me out:

Monday night; recovery ride.
Tuesday mornings; I do a twenty mile loop before work that I can average 20 mph on.
Wednesday night; fast group ride (30-40 miles).
Thursday morning; 20 mile recovery ride
Sunday afternoon; long ride.

I don’t have a trainer.
This will only be my third century.
I’ve never really done things like intervals or climbing repeats, etc. (but will start if needed).
The century doesn’t have that much climbing except for a section of moderate rollers that put me off the back of the main pack last year but I think I’m considerable stronger than last year so I should be able to hang with the group through the rollers.
The week of 6-8-08 through 6-14-08 is a scheduled rest/regeneration week in my Lotoja training schedule.

Any help?

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you'd really benifit off reading a good book on training.
there are a lot out there.

Friel's training bible is one
Training with Power is another

you don't really offer up much info on what you're actualy doing. A tough group ride can mean many things. Often group rides aren't the best training. you need to work in intervals mid week of various durations. 20-60 min all out efforts, down to short 20 second anerobic sprints.

Like lifting weights, doing the same thing doesn't get that great of gains. You've got to mix it up a lot.

You also only mention 1 day on the weekend... we have 2. Ride long days both of them.

With only 1 ride at 50 and one at 70 you aren't setting a realistic goal of 5 hours.
Don't set yourself up to fail. Set goals that are possible to reach.

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Since you are not training for a race the intervals and hill repeats are not necessary.

I would look for some fast, long group rides and an two more 75 milers.

As far as friends, if you have a goal and they can't keep up then can can fall in with the next group that comes up behind them. Might be a little heartless but it is only one ride.
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