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A small SUV laid on their horn and then tailgated me when I took the lane to get around a car parked on our neighborhood street. As I turned onto my street, I realized the SUV had pulled into a driveway around the corner.

I stopped on the street in front of the house where the SUV parked, the driver got out and the conversation went something like this:

Me: "Ma'am, we all have to Share the Road. I'm sorry that a car parked and I had to move into the center of the lane, but you shouldn't honk the horn at or tailgate bicyclists." (me still smiling).

Her: "Well, I'm cognizant of bicyclists but you should've stayed to the right"

Me: "I couldn't, I had to ride in the center of the lane. That's not my rule, that's Georgia Law and the GSP guidance to bicyclists. We're a vehicle, same rights as you"

Her: "Well, I watch out for bicyclists...say, are you the guy that keeps telling my son that he's riding the wrong way?" (tweener son is standing nearby)

Me: "If he's a kid who rides the wrong way down the street, then yes, that's me"

Her: "Well, aren't YOU a Busybody!"

Things devolved a bit from there. She pointed out that her kid needed to ride facing traffic so they could "take evasive action" I countered with the unlikelihood of a young teenager being able to avoid a headon collision with a vehicle going 40mph...and that, in Georgia, 40% of the bicyclists killed are riding the wrong way.

After that it was blah, blah, blah with neither of us giving up ground. I finally said something along the lines "I hope your kid lives to be 18 and nothing bad happens to them with that attitude (about riding the wrong way)".

I rode away.

I've always been extra polite and courteous to the neighborhood kids when I point out they are riding the wrong way or sometimes exclaim "helmets are cool!" when I ride by a helmetless kid.


I reckon it just bothers me that an otherwise reasonable adult would advise their kid to ride against traffic. :mad2:

Just last week, a coworkers college-age daughter was hit in Statesboro, GA while riding the wrong way...broken leg.

Maybe I should mind my own business.

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You're doing it wrong.

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I only yell at the guys who just about run into me in the bike lane, then yell at me for riding on the right. That's happened twice. One of those guys would have gotten a beat-down if my son hadn't been with me. I moved to the left side of the bike lane, and he moved to the right. Just as he was getting close to me, he swerved over, and yelled at me for going the wrong way. I had to swerve out into traffic to miss him, and so did my 9-year old son.
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