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and I had no idea I had so many of so much stuff!

I am not looking to sell any of this, just wanted to clean up the bike area of the garage and decided to take an inventory while I was at it. Lots of stuff in lots of boxes, but I have it all nice and neat and organized now :)

I have all this broken down in more detail (color, size, condition, etc.) on my spreadsheet, but for summary purposes I found:

1" threaded carbon fiber forks: 10 (all new)
1" threaded steel forks: 6 (3 new)
Wheelsets: 10 (2 new)
Quill stems: 34 (23 new)
Bottom brackets: 13 (7 new)
Derailleurs: 25 (18 new)
Cranksets: 8 (all new)
Brakesets: 10 (8 new)
STI shifters: 6 (4 new)
Headsets: 14 (11 new)
Cassettes: 11 (all new)
Chains: 8 (all new)
Seatposts: 15 (8 new)
Saddles: 6 (5 new)
Handlebars: 5 (4 new)
Bottle cages: 48 (all new)
Bar tabe: 30 (all new)
Bike stands: 10 (9 new)
Bike carriers: 4 (all new)

I would never have believed I had so many of each of these items. I guess I am a bike part non-stealing kleptomaniac (to go with my frame buying issues). BTW, some of you Forum sellers have contributed to my excessive inventory problem...

Anyone else taken the time to do an inventory, or are you afraid to do so? Maybe you could interest your significant other in helping you do an inventory ;)

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holy crap.
i have a bike?
first step is admitting you have a problem.
second is giving me all your gear :)
i'd love you forever
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