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I just recieved clearance from the keeper of the purse strings. I started my new cx campaign about 4 months ago. Subtlety is the key. A hint here, a pic of the new prospect left up on the computer etc.... No direct statements like "I going to go buy that bike", that went over like a lead baloon. Make it look like you want some chi chi ride and then in the spirit of compromise present the bike you have been angling for. It also helps if you ask her what she thinks of your color choices. She likes the "tiffany" blue, I'm sure there is a subtle hint in there. Hmmm. I also had to sell off a few bikes and will have to sell my old cx frame when I recieve the new one. Ohh well.

The stable is now down to 1 cross bike and 1 29er fs mtb.

Good luck with your lobbying efforts,

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