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After I prepared my taxes this weekend and found that I had overpaid the goverment about $1,200, I thought about buying a new bike. My wife pointed out a bunch of higher priority things we could spend the money on but a guy can dream ...

So I thought a '04 Jake the Snake would be a nice place to start. I'm not too thrilled about the wheel spec, I would want wide (46cm) bars, and I think I would go with a 1x9 config. I wondered what the LBS would charge for the upgrades I'd want and figured that it might go up to $1,400 or $1,500.

Shoot, for that price, I could just spec the bike how I want and put it together myself. So I put together my shopping list:

* Jake the Snake frame 52cm
* Ksyrium Equipe wheelset (new for '04, cheaper than the Elites)
* Salsa Moto Ace Bell Lap bar 46cm
* ITM Threadless stem 120mm, 1-1/8"
* Cane Creep C2 headset 1-1/8"
* Cinelli cork ribbon, black
* Carbon fiber spacers
* Ultegra STI shifters (all my other bikes are Shimano, can't switch now)
* Ultegra rear der
* Ultegra cassette 12-27
* Salsa Shaft seatpost
* Ritchy Pro Cross crank 172.5mm (w/ single 42 ring and outer guard)
* Ultegra BB
* Paul Neo Retro canti front
* Paul Touring canti rear
* Time ATAC Alium pedals
* Cables, brake and der
* Terry Men's Fly Ti saddle
* Sibex Ti fork

I think by scrounging around, I can get all this stuff new for around $2k. I think the only two extravagent items are the Paul cantis and the Sibex fork. Substitute cheaper alternatives and I could park this beast for $1,500 or $1,600. So now all I have to do is sell my wife on a savings account for a new ride ...
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