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First, I realize these are probably questions best asked to a doctor, and I will soon, but so far the doctor has said to take it easy, no over strenuous activity, and this isnt really an answer I can do anything with so Im trying to get more input, weighing them appropriately and figuring out what to do.

Ive been recovering from typhoid fever, for which I was put on (what I think is) a decently strong antibiotic, rocephin, for 2 weeks...treatment ended two days ago. I was in the hospital for 5 days, and pretty soon after I got out (about 10 days ago), I felt fine and was training- 20-60mi every other day, and in the gym working out my legs on the in between days.

Some days I wake up and feel like my blood sugar is low, even though ive been eating a lot and nutrious food. The fatigue stays for most of the day.

How not do over do it? What to eat to keep energy up? If this is too strenuous while recovering, how to keep my endurance from dropping if I have to lay off for a while?

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