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Here she is...

Frame snobs can kiss my butt! lol... I cobbled her together for about $1200.

* Scattante XRL Frame w/ carbon fork ($170 on sale, woot, happy birthday to me)
* DuraAce 7700 groupset ($450 used from a cycling buddy of mine)
* Neuvation M28 Aero3 wheels (they're in my backyard! :) )
* Shim 150 pedals
* Easton stem and bars (takeoffs from CBO)
* Terry Butterfly seat (might try a new one soon tho)
* Specialized tires (midrange, forget the name, but they ride great)

Thanks to my husband for getting her all put together. :blush2: Although I did learn how to install the brakes. (was busy working on freelance design work during the other parts of the build). I plan on learning how to do the rest of the maintenance myself.

She's been on a couple shakedown runs, and then we rode 20 mi or so the other evening... wow. What a difference. So efficient and smooth compared to the old Trek 1400 I was riding (downtube shifters + spaz = scary! lol)

And yes... the decals will come off the wheels. lol


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iliveonnitro said:
So, what brand of wheels are those???

Very nice ride. When are you going Euro-pro with the white saddle and bar tape? :thumbsup:
You know, I'm pondering the white saddle and bar tape... for now I'll just keep the black.

Yeah, I need a decent seatpost... that's up next (w/ the new saddle I might try - which only comes in black lol)

They're Neuvation wheels.
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