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Snakebitten said:
Ukbloke again thanks. I will parrot your suggestions to my LBS and go from there. Dont want to cut the steerer tube. Also will be upgrading to better calipers soon and will try out the pads you recommend. Yeah I kinda want to keep the whole bike Dura-Ace components.

On a side note the word filter on this site is hilarious. In my first post above it blanked out the middle of the word I used lmao. I didnt curse. I wrote s.n.i.g.g.e.r.s:D It blanked out whats between the two s's lmao. This is the most prolific filter Ive ever seen on any site.:cool:
Koolstop brake pads are the way to go. Don't knock your brakes until you try them.

Loose the jeans in warmer weather. They'll hold moisture and, if your rear gets and stays wet, you'll end up with saddle sores- not pleasant. If you're not comfortable wearing cycling shorts or tights then get some polyester exercise pants and make sure you wear a pant clip if there's any possibility of getting them caught in the chain. And if you wear underwear, make sure it's poly also.

The word filter here is ridiculous. I've run into annoying problems with innocent words. I'm not a proponent of offensive speech, but people can be real jerks with 'clean' speech. And making the word, not the thought behind it, offensive, negates the beauty of language in which words can have more than one meaning, and allows all the negative ideas to flourish behind flowery language.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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