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I am looking into a training/racing wheelset with 32 hole campy hubs, DT Revolution spokes and DT rr1.1 rims for about $450. The much more expensive and approximately same weight alternative would be the same spokes and rims using 28 hole DT 240 hubs. My newb question is do you believe that 4 spokes a wheel will have a material impact on the performance of the cheaper wheelset?

Also wondering on thoughts between Revolution spokes and Competition spokes. The Competition spokes are about 170 grams heavier for the wheelset. My uneducated opinion is that 32 Revolution spokes per wheel will be plenty stiff for a 175 lb rider.

Thank you for any of your thoughts.

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32h and campa hubs.

Hardly any measurable diff in stiffness and aerodynamic (as
the error in wind-tunnel itself would be bigger)

As for using competition, I'm a sucker for using thinner spokes
NDS. That means using Competition DS.

They are stiffer than rev. by quite a bit as the swagged area
is also shorter, but main reason is that thinner spokes NDS
makes a stronger wheel.

Do you need it?? Naah. Don't think so, but those 16 comp spokes
DS won't add more weight than approx 40 grams.

As we are talking a not particular stiff rim I would consider it despite
your moderate weight.

Edit: When going for a not particular stiff rim (like DT RR1.1) the
spoke count matters a bit more. For a training set I would go 32 (36)

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its not really a performance thing, but more aesthetics... personally i think 28h looks nicer cf 32h... just me... if using all dt revo it would save u about 40g on the wheelset...

record are damn nice hubs, and 32h is a pretty safe bet...
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