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It's the first spring weekend here in D.C. Naturally, I went for a bike ride (as did everyone else in the area, unfortunately). Photos and captions below:

My local firehouse is really rather adorable.

Woo, represent, DCFD!

Brookland Hardware is a good local institution.

I think I've posted a similar photo before, but it's pretty neat.

Metro coming out of the mini-tunnel between Rhode Island Ave & Brookland

Super neat detail.

Rhode Island Ave.

I notice this every time I ride Metro -- gritty urban area, then parking lot packed with distinctive Jaguars, and then right back to gritty urban area.

Dead end.

I wonder these are for.


Fun detail above a "theater therapy" building.

The people across the street watched me take this photo; I was embarrassed for making urban ruins into my photo-tourism. "Hi, I'm here in spandex to document decay!"


I don't venture near the moat often, and so when I do I'm astounded at how large boats on the riverfront can be.

Obey your local fish market! (Unless they're getting the fish out of the Potomac or Anacostia Rivers. If that's the case, run like hell.)

I ran into the owner. He was pleased that I was taking a photo of his car, but played it nonchalant, talking on the phone while carrying his poodle. No joke.

Peek-a-boo deux!

I LOVE THIS PARK. I plopped down, read for a bit, and watched bikers stream past dinging their bells. Then a jet would course through the sky, careening and dropping precipitously, and everyone would stop and watch it lay in for a perfect landing.

After they pass, jet contrails sound like streamers being whipped around enthusiastically.

Windy much? I don't know.

Pretty boats!

They're like toys. What are they doing out there? It must be lessons of some sort.

Pretty bridge!

Tunneling into Old Town Alexandria.

So I hadn't eaten before I set out, and came upon a Safeway. I had an empty pannier and a growling stomach. The damage was pretty ridiculous, especially considering I was, what, a mere 15 miles from home?

No regrets.

All-day every-day steed.

Gas-powered RC cars are FAST! Like, "can chase down your dog and eat it" fast.

People name their boats stupid things. "Yee Ha!" or "Viva vie", seriously? I decided my next boat -- or, ahem, whatever branch I throw in a stream and call a boat, will be known as "The Alabaster Princess".

Like, as a child, putting glow-in-the-dark stars on your ceiling. Interesting effect.

It must have been a class; there were two guys in power boats yelling instructions via megaphone. It looked like they all were dancing, and was fun to watch, but I kept wanting the same colored sailboats to, I don't know, form a team and corral the others or race or something. I don't know anything about boating, obviously.

On the way home -- if you look close, you can see the multitude of cyclists on the trail below.

Hey-o, Boss.

Colonel Brooks, you sound good -- see you in about half-hour?


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Really great to see another view of the city.

As you might guess we avoided the MUTs this weekend...........

Hardly saw anyone actually.

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The white sailed sailboats are in a race. I don't what the ones with the colored sails are doing. I've never seen that before.

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Nice ride.
What's unfortunate about everyone else riding, though?

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Oh, mind, I'm happy everyone else got out cycling on this most pleasant of weekends. That we all chose to ride along the same 5 foot wide path, though, wasn't perhaps ideal for anyone involved. Everyone's a fool but I, see.
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