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Inline skating vs. inline speedskating

RemingtonShowdown said:
Not sure what you mean by "base" but inline skating is far less demanding on one's legs. (I used to work in a skate shop...) It won't do too much to help build muscle, it will keep your cardiovascular system well tuned as you can get a nice aerobic workout from it... Swimming is a better workout (not to mention the possibility of some eye candy...)
I think you are referring to recreational inline skating (regular rollerblading), while the original poster was asking about inline speedskating - i.e., five wheel skates with a low cut boot. Rec skating is probably a weak method of training for biking, but speedskating is quite different. It will definitely help with getting in the base - although it is still cross-training, and thus of limited use. I used to do a lot of inline speedskating, and I found making the jump to road cycling pretty easy. I did all of my skating outdoors, with straightaways, turns in both directions, and hills to make me stronger. Skating indoors only, with lots of left-hand turns, few straightaways, and no hills, is likely to limit the benefits.
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