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Out driving around running errands this morning and see a bike commuter pedaling down one of the main streets in Reno. As I get closer I can see he's got a rigid, first generation mountain bike with bull moose style handlebars and a large rear rack. He's an older guy and I can see his silver grey hair peeking out from an old Bell Biker helmet. At the next light I'm several car lengths from the guy and see that the rear rack has what appears to be a SCUBA tank lashed down to it.

As I drive pass the cyclist I can see the clear rubber tubing flowing out from behind his ears and the breathing tube underneath his nose. The tubing runs down his back and connects to the tank on the rack. At this point, I realize THE GUY WAS RIDING A BIKE ON SUPPLEMENTAL OXYGEN! Who knows what his story was (ex-smoker?) but THUMBS UP to any person who's riding a bike in a situation like that! Pedal on guy and get stronger so you don't need that tank! (And geeze... make sure that thing is bungied down really well!)...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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