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i was at the grand opening for Cynergy Cycles in Santa Monica today
and Intense had a little booth there and were showing two road frames
which i had not seen anywhere else yet. one was an aluminum main
with carbon seat stays(probably carbon chain stays too, but i couldn't
tell) and a full-carbon bike. both bikes were tie-wrapped to a stand
so i couldn't get a feel for how heavy(or light) they were.

a quick search shows that these were shown previously at Sea Otter
this past April.

so, the big question: anyone ridden one yet?

although my '91 kestrel is still an excellently performing ride, i'm
always tempted by the newer CF designs for my next build.

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I love the look and reputation of Intense mountain bikes, and I'm intrigued to hear more about their road bike offerings, but I wouldn't be surprised if their carbon road bike is just a rebadged something or other (see Kona's carbon road bike for an example.)
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