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Hello all,

First post here, so forgive me if this is in the wrong forum.

I am an avid mountain biker (XC and All mountain riding) and have been riding for three years now quite seriously.

I am looking to get into road biking as I really enjoy what little of it I have done, and I think it would be a great cross training exercise. I might eventually get into doing some racing etc and as such want a bike that will grow with my skills, my average road ride will be between 30 - 50 kms with the odd 100 km thrown in for good measure.

I am looking at the following models and am interested in rider opinions in terms of frame feel and geometry more than the parts as all of the bikes have similar specs. I am looking for something that is fast and responds well to forceful pedalling, and something that is comfortable to ride for longer rides (kind of contradictory I know) and would be suitable for lesiure rides as well as moderate racing.

I have the following brands available local: Trek, Specialized, Cervelo, Scott and Bianchi.

I am looking at the follwoing bikes and would like to keep the price around the $2,000 CDN level:

Cervelo Soloist Team
Trek 2.1
Specialized Allez
Specialized Roubaix
Scott Speedster S20/S30

Any opinions on these bikes in terms of geometry, speed and comfort would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Cheers All
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