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I can tell you what's wrong with that Orbea Ora frame and the rear brakes. I have the same frame, and the same problem just popped up out of nowhere, and the second bike shop i took it to, found the issue. The internal Cable Stops, inside the frame, have collapsed. This causes the brakes lines/housings and ferrules, to slide inside the frame when trying to stop using the rear brake caliper. It causes flex and poor braking, and a "squishy" brake feel. It was hard to find this as the cause, and we did everything you did, in the troubleshooting process. it's now causing the bike to not stop safely, at high speeds.

I contacted Orbea's Distributor about a warranty claim on this manufacturing defect in the frame. I am waiting to hear back from them. His name is Olly Piggin at Podium Imports in Canada.
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