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I recently purchased an apple iPod touch-5G (iphone without the phone). Im impressed with the apps (digit - wahoo - others) that are available on the market. I bought the wahoo SC (cadence / speed) sensor and the wahoo HRM. Have not received it yet.

SO some of the things I "THINK" I have figured out is that:

1: You can Pair MULTIPLE bluetooth devices to an Iphone(5) device. I thought you could ONLY do ONE. According to wahoo you can Pair BOTH the SC & HRM monitor at the same time and work at the same time.

2: While the Ipod touch does NOT have GPS, Im reading that it can thru wifi (?) also track your route. Not sure how this will work.

3: IF #2 does not pan out and #1 is true, Im thinking of getting a DUAL electronics GPS bluetooth to add a third BLUETOOTH device to my IPOD.

IF you have knowledge of the above I would be eager to get FACTS on the matter.

Best Regards
Joe , Sarasota
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