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Ironic Bike

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Most ironic bike ever?

Maybe I should buy it..... especially as an ex-smoker turned cyclist.
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I don't know.

There's a lotta irony goin' around these days. To be the most, this one would have to outpoll those bikes sold in conjunction with, and named after, swollen-up General Motors SUV's.
No fair, the listing has been deleted.
GerryR said:
No fair, the listing has been deleted.
Still there for me. Just in
How strange is that. I get a message that the listing has been deleted by the poster. But I get first dibs on it cuz I smoked them Marlboros in college many years ago. They practically paid us frat boys to smoke them because they were new on the market back in 1962-3.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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