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I have finished rebuilding my 25 year old Bianchi and it crossed my mind that the weak link is the RD due to the hanger mount design of the frame. I can chose from Tourney and I am concerned that these will be impossible to find when I need another one. My options are to stock up on future parts (again) or find a way to adapt a direct mount to the frame.

I took apart the old Shimano RD and a little work with a file and a hack saw and I have a part that looks exactly like what I will need once I get the hole tapped out to 10mmx1 ( please correct me if I have wrongly estimated the threads). So will an adapter work or is there some geometry I have yet to figure out. Alternatively, is there a commercially made adapter I can get?

Thanks guys.

ADDED: I found that there is a part available. Thanks
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