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I've been offered my friend's Mavic Ksyrium ES wheels (he's owned since new, and thinks he's done about 6,000 miles on them. That figure sounds high to me, although he was summer commuting 10 miles return each day on a flat road along the harbor).

The price sounded really good at first, at about $350 with some okay Gatorskins and the original ultegra cassette, but now I'm looking at the spokes, and many look like the photo below.

I'm thinking I'd fit these to my road bike for 10 months of the year, only taking them off in the middle on winter when I switch to Open Pro's on ultegras with 420 gram Specialized Armadillo tires.

I've searched on google, and not found much info about this issue. Seems that it's purely cosmetic (which I can live with I guess, as the wheels arent a big cost after I take the cassette and tires into account). But if it leads to spoke failure, then I see Rouge Mechanic has the spokes for $6 each .... which could get expensive. They were only washed with dish washing liquid and other mild cleaners. Perhaps riding along the harbor caused this?

Lastly, they have a squeak. I need to try them on my frame, one wheel at a time to isolate this. Hopefully just means I need to replace the bushing in the freehub, but could be something else.


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