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Gatorback said:
Watching the whole lecture, and reading other stuff, I tend to think the sugar is bad advice for serious athletes is a little overblown. The lecturer would probably suggest sucrose is better than something with pure fructose.
Sugar is "almost essential" for endurance athletic performance. Pure fructose (at high doses alone) will not be absorbed in the gut, and tends to lead to gastric problems.

But mixes of fructose and glucose (or any of the chains maltose, amylose, sucrose, etc) increases absorption. It is likely that a 2:1 glu:fruc ratio is about right.

Gatorback said:
Here is what I try to do: try to stick with stuff that is natural. Hammer Nutrition claims their stuff is natural. I'm drinking their stuff at the moment. But I have used Accelerade and its sister recovery drink, Endurox R4, and I have liked it. I didn't notice any bad affects, but of course I'm not monitoring things like insulin resistance, blood pressure, and all kids of stuff like that. I just felt like it was helping me stay feuled and recover well and I wasn't gaining weight--it was just helping me keep weight on.

Insulin resistance is caused (partly) by chronic positive energy and carbohydrate balance. Sedentary individuals who eat too much overall cause a "back up" in carbon in the skeletal muscle, leading to insulin resistance.

As long as there is "room" to store more glycogen, you are normally insulin sensative. That is why, even in many diabetics, glycogen lowering exericse can increase insulin sensativity. It makes room for carbons (from carbs) to get transported into skeletal muscle for glycogen resynthesis.

If you are training daily (lowering glycogen), and not in chronic positive energy balance, then simple sugars are not a harmfull part of your diet.

Unless they make up the main carbohydrate source of your diet. Then the simple sugars and refined foods are replacing nutrient dense foods such as vegetables and fruit.
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