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Thanks for the reply.

The test results show my Vo2 max was 27.7 ml/kg/min. But they mistakingly put my weight in as 154 it was actually 145 and has since dropped to 140.

The data for vo2 L/min was 1.828

I thought that I read somewhere vo2 max was genetic and couldnt really be improved. Is that true?

I think I understand that you were telling me that since weight is part of the formula for vo2 max then of course the number will rise in relation to weight if the weight goes down.

Does that mean that if your vo2 number goes up due to weight loss you may not have improved your fitness?
VO2 Max can be improved through training but yes there is a genetic component/limit as well.

But really, I wouldn't worry too much about VO2 Max numbers. It's sustainable power output that matters from a fitness change assessment perspective, and changes to your power output are due to more than just changes to your VO2 Max.
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