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Is this a good deal?

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I found this ad and was wondering if anyone can see the catch:

Trek XO 1, 58 cm, asking $700 obo. This is the 2000 model in Gold or Electric Yellow. I purchased as a frame set in 2002 so the bike is not stock. Campy Chorus H.set. Dura Ace 9spd shifters, F&R Der., chain. Avid cross brakes w/salsa (inline) cross top levers. Bontrager race lite cranks w/outboard bearings. Matrix Aurora rims w/shimano Hubs (105)Syncros carbon post, Bontrager Race XXX Stem, Selle Aspide Saddle, Oversized specialized bars. Comes w/2 sets of cross tires (Ritchey and Redline)never ridden off road or raced. Built up as sort of a project. Not ridden much. Excellent condition.

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quill-threadless adapter means 'pass' for me... esp if it's 9-speed
While not a deal breaker, the quill-threadless adapter is a sore spot. Something to consider is this is an 8 year old cross bike the owner is hoping to sell for $700 but other than the 9-speed Dura Ace deraileurs and shifters, doesn't seem to be anything special and would probably sell used at a bike shop for ~$350-450.
Thanks, guys.

I appreciate the comments. I like to ride bikes, but I haven't been around long enough to know all the different component brands. I'll stick with my plan to buy a Kona Jake.
Upgrade to threadless and keep the bike.

Put an Easton Cross fork on it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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