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CyclingNews is reporting that Oscar Freire had loose lips and let slip ttheir strategy for getting Menchov in yellos on Champs.

Article here.
Without intending so, green jersey wearer Oscar Freire revealed Rabobank's general classification strategy at the Tour's second rest day in Cuneo, Italy. Nicely seated under shady pavilions nearby the hotel pool, journalists asked the triple world champion if he was confident to carry the jersey to Paris. The Spaniard replied: "I won a stage and scored more points, and as we hope Denis will be the overall leader after the time trial...". By that time he realised that maybe it hadn't been a good idea to put it this way, and everybody laughed.
Of course they hope Menchov will be the overall leader after the TT, right? What am I missing here? He didn't reveal any tactics, so it's not like he surprised anyone with revealing they hope Denis takes over the lead before the road to Paris. Is it that they hope he takes it DURING the TT? Maybe a nudge that the green jersey isnt priority 1?

Only thing I can think of is that after his efforts and fall on stage 15 Menchov doesn't think he has the legs to get time in the mountains :confused:

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If the top three are seconds apart in Paris and rabobank or csc tries to gap the peleton to swipe the yellow on the finale, itd be pretty exciting.
They could employ "prison rules" and stick a pump in the wheel of Schleck or Cadel. I'd love to see the pro peleton pull a little "bump n' run" alla dale sr.
Its likely that sportsmanship will prevail.
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