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Life was easy then, no responsibilities, other than to myself. It was the mid-80s. Some of you remember that, right? The all-about-me decade. My all-about-me? That was easy. It was Run, bike, swim and repeat. That was it. In between I found time to sleep and eat.

I was traveling too. Weekend to weekend, town to town, race to race. This particular race was in Charlotte. The night before the race; a bike and running expo at the Charlotte coliseum. Yea, lots of bodies to check out, lots of frames to check out and lots of bikes to test ride.

That's when I saw her for the first time. She was different than anything I had seen before, yet familiar. That description could fit any Tri-geek, but she even stood out more than usual.

She wasn't especially curvy, like you might think, though she was foreign, that much was for sure. I summoned up my courage and asked her name. Yes, just as I thought, Italian.

Masi, Masi Record. She was beautiful. She appealed to me. To my friends, they simply did not understand. Why, that bike is funny looking, It has a small wheel in front, why?? they asked.

Why indeed, everything about her was imagined, dreamed of, put down on paper and finally, under that hands of the Master, put together. Lugs, a low - an extremely low head tube. My back ached to lean over her and hold her, have her hold me.

From a dream-like state I revived myself to the sound of a voice

-Would you like to take a test ride?..

-Sure, I said, I at least I think I said it. I don't know if I actually spoke or not.

All I remember was rolling her out to the ride area. I heard the sure clicking of a Suntour 7 speed freewheel. I coveted the C-Record grouppo that she wore like fine diamonds.

She was perfect in every way for me. 55.5 top tube and did I mention her low cut head tube? I rode her around the interior. Not just a lap, but for half an hour.

Together we climbed the Alps, though the streets of Milan, across cobblestones, The Tour, all of the great tours and finally I brought her back to her home.

-Great ride, don't you think?.

Great? How can you describe the feeling of total rapture? The feeling of being alive, how can you describe in a life time the ride of Italian craftsmanship where design, art and the hand of God come together as one?

-Yes I reply. A great-ride.

As is the case in all tales of love and romance, the tragedy was bound to happen. And when it did, the world ceased to exist. $2,500.00 separated me from, from, I would never know. Greatness? A travesty? The lights fade, memories fade, but the scars still linger?

What became of her? I don?t know. I pray that she was ridden as she was meant to be and all of the things I dreamed of giving her but could not? No, Did Not.

There were others after her, I developed quite the taste for Japanese varieties. Some were much curvier, some where more colorful all were more affordable, but none of them were and none will ever be the first one.

She, only she will hold that place for me.

Even today, I keep a few TT?s around for fun, when I want something different. I compare them all to her, but would never tell them. But they know, they know very well.

Seven days ago, like a flood, a wall of water, it all came over me again. The world market, a.k.a. ebay brought me back to her. But again, only for a moment. Could it be her? I open the page, Location: Charlotte NC.

My heart raced, no, it longed.

I was not excited to see her again, I was remorseful for what could have been, should have been.

Her previous owner stated he used a 700 fork on her? How, why would you? That is not how it was supposed to have been. Could I be her valiant Knight and come to her rescue?

Was it meant to be? I bid, a shamelessly low bid. Should I have even bid? Did I disgrace her by even thinking I could go back, you know you can?t don?t you, you just can?t.

I watched, I waited?higher and higher it went. $200.00, $300.00. I could afford that, but it felt wrong. I was not the 132lb?s of wiry muscle that ran 32 10k?s, she was not the state of the art TT that she once was. It would not be right. I let her go without a fight.

Was I scared? Did I do it in hopes of her finding a new home on a velodrome or by a young stud who would take her to victory? I don?t know, I don?t want to know.

Good-bye, for now. Maybe next time, if there is a next time?

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I was there with you


I watched that auciton too. If I hadn't gotten into my stowe, I might have made a bid. It's a pretty one. Why the 700c front?, I don't know but it's wrong.

There's a couple more out there currently that are interesting but I'm done bidding for now- particularly in light of my Fedex crushing blow. Also my wife has noticed the boxes accumulating in the "bike room"

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we all share your sentiments...

I'm sure all retro-folk have a bike that got away and these days, with ebay, we are more likely to see it again. I've seen my lost love there several times (Bottecchia ADR-type). I would like to get one but not at those prices. Well-written post, you've said it for all of us
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