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Must be the heat!!

I'm going to work today and there is this woman in scrubs walking her rottie on the 181st street bridge. She slows and looks at me and doesn't move for a moment. I slow down and say thank you as I go by. She is wearing her stethoscope which makes me laugh. We used to make fun of the 3rd world Mds who would wear their scopes to go shopping.

Anyway, she starts yelling at me that i am not supposed to ride on the bridge. Mind you, like 2000 people go over this bridge every day and maybe 10 of them walk. I wave her off and she starts really screaming at me. So I mean I had to flip her off.

Then at 72nd street there is a large tunnel so big you could drive a large truck through it. This rasta guy at the top yells at me. "get the F*** up the hill before I kick your F***N ass. I said "have a nice day." and went on.

Then there were two more incidents.

I am considering mooning these people to mentally scar them.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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