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Any of you old punk rockers want to see a living legend, check this out:

Mike Watt and the Missingmen going on a nice little US tour.

I saw Watt with the Secondmen in December and they put on a good show.

Worth checking out if you're in to having your face rocked off.


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"...we drove up from 'Pee-dro.' We were f**king corndogs."


Liberal Man meets Conservative Man
Conservative Man wears his myth on his skin
Liberal Man has to explain his and keeps his shirt all buttoned up
Conservative Man greets Liberal Man with a well-rehearsed cold stare
Liberal Man replies by issuing forth horseshit
Conservative Man retaliates by taking the concrete reality of the
situation and lodging it,like a wedge,right between both sides of
Liberal Man's brain
Liberal Man is caught off gaurd by this apparent non-abstraction
There is one full minute of confusion
Liberal Man becomes Conservative Man
Conservative Man becomes Liberal Man
War is declared
Liberal Man cheats by calling in reinforcements
Conservative Man is set upon by a mob and murdered
Said mob then turns on Liberal Man and he dies a broken man
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