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I am watching the same two bikes...

not bidding, just interested in seeing how they go.

I have had both bikes, nothing at all wrong with either choice. Here are some of my thoughts.

Schwinn..I have bought many, many of these bikes. The columbus tubing, while not the best and lightest in the line, rides fantastic. Most had TENAX tubing, a real favorite for me. The paint on most didn't seem to be the most durable, but this one looks good.
What I really like are the Suntour Superbe Pro parts. You don't see them much anymore and can be collectable.
It also has 170 cranks, which is standard for this size frame.
The white color scheme is timeless, as good today as it was then.
I wouldn't hesitate to ride it as it is or upgrade (if paint is good)

Fuji..I have had 3 of these. I loved them all. The Fuji steel is as good as the Columbus, but didn't quite have the same road feel (my opinion only).

I really like the paint, but it does date the bike a bit. The Fuji's I had were beautiful and durable paint jobs.
The cranks are 167.5's. Short for the frame size, but some may prefer? These cranks would be very suitable if you decided to make a fixed gear bike out of it.
The Suntour Sprint is fine, but not as polished and crisp as the Superbe.

Overall, I like the looks of the Fuji, but if I were buying, I'd go for the Schwinn.
If I were to guess, I'd say the Schwinn may sell for less, but the Superbe kit may push the price up.

Tough call. Like I said, I like them both. Check shipping costs on each. I have learned that sometimes shipping costs can be outrageous from one seller and quite reasonable from another. That would also be a factor to consider when deciding between the two.

Let us know if you win one.

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go with the Schwinn

i agree with the above poster, the paint job on the Fuji is much, much nicer (the schwinn's paint shows what was wrong with the 80s:D ), but the parts on the Schwinn are much nicer.

it is my understanding (please correct me if I am wrong), but that Sprint was the equvalent of 105 when they both came out, but Sprint is friction shifting. Whereas the Superbe is equal/better than Dura-ace of the day.

you can always repaint the Schwinn frame.

good luck on bidding, hope you win the one you want.

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Partial to the Schwinn...
I have a red Peloton from the same era, bought as frame earlier this year, built with 'DuRace' 7400 7-sp. It has become my go-to preference ride in a 7-bike stable (harem?), (although possibly because the Tommasini Super Prestige is temporarily brakeless & not rideable).

These were built by Panasonic for Schwinn, and the Peloton used a mix of SL and SP Columbus (the Prelude used Tenax), so I am led to believe. Mine does have Columbus fork blades (decal remnants still there attesting).

I do like the Superbe/Sugino drive-train, and the RGC brakes are way nice.

Poke around for other Schwinn/Panasonic & RGC hoopla. (e.g.,

For pricing reference (not that it matters, as these are one-off transactions), I paid about a buck-fifty for my frame/fork/headset/DA-bb - in retrospect a bit steep, maybe, given the "not the top of the collectible heap" marketplace status of these bikes, but I WANTED it, and I am not at all disappointed; had the remaining 7400 group from another bike.
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