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BF and I both have a chance to get the Javelin Torgiano carbon frameset through our racing team, and have not been able to locate good, specific geometry details anywhere on the 'net. He is ordering a 53cm and I'm ordering a 47. We're going to go ahead and pull the trigger because our bikes are old-ish Al frames, both with a LOT of miles, racing, and abuse on them, so we're kind of due. He has an '01 Klein Quantum Race and I have an '02 Colnago Dream Plus.

Does anyone who's willing to share have a list of specs on the Torgiano? Input on ride quality? Quirks or issues? Looking for folks who have them and have ridden them. So far the only concrete details I can find on Javelin frames are from triathlete websites, and these are road bikes we're looking at.

We're going to go ahead and pull the trigger regardless, but hard numbers / feedback / ride quality info sure would be nice and there currently is a major dearth of information or reviews on this specific frame, and the Javelin website (for lack of a better descriptor) pretty much sucks.

Thanks in advance for anyone's input.
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