BMC's Jeff Louder won the Redlands Bicycle Classic Criterium in a two-man sprint against Luis Amaran (Colavita/Sutter Home), the two survivors of a breakaway that formed an hour before, resisting the all out chase by Toyota-United and a crash that took out the other two members in the break. Ivan Dominguez (Toyota-United) won the field sprint to take third place.

Santiago Botero with the help of his team Rock Racing aptly protected the yellow jersey and with no changes to the general classification with Chris Baldwin (Toyota-United)in second place and Francois Parisien (Symmetrics) in third.

The plan worked perfectly for the BMC team. "It was the plan to get a BMC rider in the break, we really wanted to wait for half race to do it, and that's pretty much what happened. I saw the opportunity, there's no star on this team, we're all here to take opportunities, that's what happened." said Louder.

The gory details. Under gray skies in downtown Redlands, California, the 90-minute highly technical criterium raced over a one-mile (1.2 km) course lived up to its billing of a fast and furious race. The attack went off from the get go, and the pace was high, with Rock Racing patrolling the front.

After thirty minutes of racing, Amaran launched a solo attack, and waited for companions to join him. "The idea was to try and create the breakaway, I saw the opportunity and attacked, I waited for somebody to join me. It took at least 10 laps to get somebody across. The idea was to try for the stage again and try to move up in GC, finally I was close but I'm happy." said Amaran as interpreted by his team directeur Sebastian Alexandre.

Curtis Gunn (Successful Living) and Shawn Milne (Team Type 1) escaped from the field and tried to bridge to Amaran.

"The Colavita rider (Amaran) was away for quite a while and he was going really strong, and then the two others jumped up, and I could see that Rock really wanted to let something go so I just I'd take a chance and see if they'd let me go, I'm two minutes down almost and so I knew be concerned about me for the GC so I jumped up to Milne and the other, and that happened quick." said Louder about the 4-man break.

Rock Racing were content to let the break up the road, and the four men worked well together to create a gap of up to 50 seconds with ten laps to go.

"The four of us, once we got together, Curtis for going for points, and Amaran was defending points so that was a little tricky but it was pretty clean, everyone took turns, we weren't sure, I wasn't sure, I figured we'd be caught in the last lap, so there a little bit of cat and mouse but not a lot because they were coming hard and we were out there for a long time." said Louder about the cooperation in the break.

Rock Racing with Kelly Benefit/Medifast rider joining in the rotation led the field in the chase keeping the gap at under one minute.

With ten laps to go in the race, the Toyota-United team came to the front and started the chase. Under this impetus, the gap started to slowly decrease.

"Rock Racing was controlling the race the whole time, they did a great job, with 10 laps to go, we took the front because it was 45 seconds, that's a lot. With 3 laps to go, it was 35 seconds, that's still a lot, and no one is doing anything just us and that's it." said Dominguez.

With two laps to go, and a thirty-five seconds gap, Louder "knew, we were probably going to stay away but up until that point, it seemed that everyone was starting to look around a little bit, getting a little dodgy."

The four-man breakaway was still together in the last lap with Louder leading, and finally attacking and he established a 20 meter gap which caused Amaran to chase.

"I went across to chase him and I caught him with three corners to go. That was probably a benefit to me because I took the corners safe in the first positions." said Amaran.

On the second-to-last corner Milne collided with Gunn (trying to get into position for the final right-hand turn, and crashed injuring his wrist.

"Shawn came into the second-to-last corner on the inside and (Luis Romero) Amaran shut him down so Shawn had to back off," Team Type 1 Sport Director said. "When he backed off, he had a bad angle and may have clipped his pedal. He went down pretty hard."

Milne was taken to a local hospital where he was to undergo X-Rays. Already this season, Team Type 1 has lost two riders - Matt Wilson and Daniel Holt - to fractured wrists.

Louder was the first man out of the last corner and outsprinted Amaran to take the second stage of the Redlands Bicycle Classic.

"I led through basically the last lap of the race, just trying to keep it up, came around the last corner. I knew really a sprinter so I knew I wanted to be first through that corner or nothing, that was my tactic and it worked. I;m really excited for BMC, the boys worked really hard yesterday, we were all a little bit disappointed in the results, we all felt, and I feel that the team is really strong, and we just missed a few tactics yesterday and today we played the game exactly how we said it, we did how we said we were going to do it, that's results and that's how we want to play it." said a happy Louder.

In front of the charging field, Dominguez won the sprint crossing the finish live eleven seconds after the leaders.
"We were not supposed to chase, take the front with ten laps to go but we had no choice. We were supposed to do the last 4 laps, like I said earlier, yesterday when the break went, all the teams went crazy and started chasing. Today when we really needed, no one wanted to do it. I My guys, I was not expecting that from my guys all the way to the end but they keep coming back, coming back. At one point, we were only 12 seconds, and I had only Henk (Vogels) with me and he had to go too, so I thought I'm going to be with nobody but Dominique (Rollin) came back again, but it was too late. It was 12 seconds, the group slowed down, everybody started to look at each other, and I'm 'someone has to go'." said Dominguez about having his team come to the front to initiate the chase with ten laps to go.

The last stage is the Beaver Medical Group Sunset Road Race, a challenging 91-mile (146.5 km) race featuring a climb on each of five laps around a circuit, as well as two time bonus sprints. This hard stage in the past has often shuffled around the general classification and we can expect attacks galore on Sunday.

Stage 2 Top 10 Results
  1. Jeff Louder (BMC) 1.28.46
  2. Luis Alberto Amaran (Colavita Sutter Home/Cooking Light)
  3. Ivan Dominguez (Toyota-United) 0.11
  4. Anibal Borrajo (Colavita Sutter/Cooking Light)
  5. Tony Cruz (BMC)
  6. Andrew Pinfold (Symmetrics)
  7. Fred Rodriguez (Rock Racing)
  8. Alejandro Borrajo (Colavita Sutter Home/Cooking Light)
  9. Sebastian Haedo (Colavita Sutter Home/Cooking Light)
  10. Jonathan Cantwell (Jittery Joes)
Top 10 General Classification after stage 2
  1. Santiago Botero (Rock Racing) 4.57.17
  2. Chris Baldwin (Toyota-United) 0.54
  3. Francois Parisien (Symmetrics) 1.07
  4. Burke Swindlehurst (Bissell Pro Cycling Team) 1.08
  5. Rory Sutherland (Health Net-Maxxis) 1.30
  6. Ben Day (Toyota-United) 1.34
  7. Dominique Rollin (Toyota-United) 1.40
  8. James Mattis (Cal Giant Farms/Specialized)
  9. Luis Alberto Amaran (Colavita Sutter Home/Cooking Light) 1.41
  10. Oscar Sevilla (Rock Racing)
Top 3 Points Classification after stage 2
  1. Luis Alberto Amaran (Colavita Sutter Home/Cooking Ligh) 16
  2. Curtis Gunn (Successful Living) 12
  3. Sebastian Haedo (Colavita Sutter Home/Cooking Light) 11
Top 3 Team Classification after stage 2
  1. Rock Racing 14:25:08
  2. Colavita Sutter Home/Cooking Light 0:41
  3. Symmetrics 0:52