Drive train and brake blowout

Are you ready to finally upgrade to that 4 piston hydro or are you looking to update your gravel rig? Either way, there is a load of savings and awesome deals to be had. So take that project bike you have sat the basement and finish up in style with deals from Jenson and Competitive Cyclist - you won't be disappointed- Onward to the sales!


$1,499.99 SAVE 35 % MSRP $2,300.00

Looking for the ultimate cyclocross weapon? Look no further than the Niner BSB RDO. Niner takes learned technologies from their mountain bike racing line and applies it to the BSB to create a lightweight carbon cyclocross frame that rewards the rider with incredible power transfer and stiffness as well as updated technology like flat-mount disc brakes and Di2 routing. Responsive handling is achieved through a steep headtube angle as well as all around perfect race geometry. Thoughtful touches like built-in flat areas on the inner triangle aid in off the bike shouldering efforts, and internal cable routing that doesn't get in the way. Niner mates the cyclocross-specific BSB frame with their award winning RDO cyclocross fork, which provides the off-road ride quality riders want as well as updated technology including flat mount disc brakes that make installation and adjustment a breeze.

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SHIMANO Ultegra Di2 RD-R8050 Rear Derailleur

SALE 28% Off $189.99 - $194.99

Shimano's refinements to the latest Ultegra Di2 group are truly remarkable, and while we always fancy a full Dura-Ace build, we'd be hard pressed to decipher a difference in performance. That makes sense since Ultegra gets Dura Ace trickle down technology, and for rear derailleurs, the RD-R8050 borrows heavily from the firm's top-end Dura-Ace RD-R9150-including the low profile Shadow design. This profile places it closer inbound to the frame and tucks the derailleur under the cassette. This protects the derailleur in the event of a crash and in general from getting banged around, so it remains better aligned making shifts smooth, quick, and accurate.

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SHIMANO Ultegra ST-R8000 STI Shifters

SALE 28% Off $251.99 $349.99

Shimano's Ultegra is often thought of as a budget racer's group or one that was worthy to put on a top tier frame helping to bring the total price down. This latest version performs so flawlessly that unless you are just dead-set on Dura-Ace, you should seriously consider the Ultegra 8000 group. Because it's a serious drivetrain for serious cyclists. The Ultegra ST-R8000 STI Shifters have enough DNA from the new 9100 shifters-themselves perhaps the pinnacle of mechanical shifting-that you will have a hard time separating them as twins.
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$149.99 SAVE 25 % MSRP $200.00

When we talk about OneUp, we're not talking about hitting a brick and getting a green mushroom, we're talking about exceptional dropper seat posts. The OneUp Components Dropper Seat Post is a one of a kind dropper seat post that is highly versatile. OneUp offers the world's shortest, long travel dropper post. This means it has the shortest stack height and effective length of any equivalent travel dropper post. This means you don't have to settle for a 125mm dropper post, you can now get a 150mm or 170mm dropper. The OneUP dropper is also tuneable so you can have custom drop lengths. Want your 170mm dropper post to be a 120mm dropper post instead? That's perfectly fine. The drop tuning can be done on the bike while you're out on the trail. It's tool free and can be done without removing the saddle or reaching for your shock pump. The OneUp dropper post requires no bleeding since it is cable actuated. The cable clamps at the lever which makes shortening the housing incredibly easy. If you're looking to breathe an extra life into your mountain bike, then get a OneUp Components Dropper Seat Post.

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$3.75 SAVE 75 % MSRP $14.99

Just about everyone has a favorite beer (or soda) that they prefer to drink after a long ride. Have you ever wanted to rep your favorite beer on your bike though? Well now you can with the Xon CNC magnetic top cap. The cap easily replaces the existing top cap on your mountain or road bike. The beer cap then magnetically attaches to the top cap with ease.

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$31.99 SAVE 30 % MSRP $46.00

Shimano's MT201 disc brakes are a proven, bombproof design. They're pre-bled, easy to install and inexpensive, meaning they're perfect for the beginner or price conscious cyclist. Don't be mistaken by the price; these perform very well and are a cinch to maintain, making them some of the best bang for the buck brakes out there. Be aware that rotors and adapters are sold separately. Always use genuine Shimano brake rotors and adaptors.

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$49.49 SAVE 25 % MSRP $66.00

Ice-Tech is a technology that blends the durability of stopping power of a steel rotor with the heat dissipation properties of aluminum. By sandwiching an Aluminum cooling core between two steel braking surfaces, the rotor dissipates heat faster, while the steel outer portion provides solid stopping power and a durable braking surface. The two-piece "floating" rotor arrangement also saves weight and increases system stiffness, giving you the intense braking power you need, with the reliability and survivability that Shimano is best known for. Hit every line with confidence and speed with Shimano XT Rotors.

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$495.99 SAVE 45 % MSRP $899.00

Suspension technology has come a long way in the short time that it has been around and it keeps getting better every year. The 2019 Fox 32 Float Step-Cast Factory Fork starts at 2.98 pounds, which makes this the lightest cross-country fork that Fox has ever made. It is optimized for 100mm of travel and has a Step-Cast lower leg design and a narrow crown spacing that saves weight. The Kashima coating of the Factory series makes the fork buttery smooth and incredibly durable. With FIT4, you can adjust your compression damping on the fly. It gives you an open, medium, and firm option so you can adapt to different trail conditions.

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SHIMANO SLX M7000 1x Groupset

SALE 40% Off $420.00 $700.00

Few names in the industry are as synonymous with trickle down as Shimano. It seems every few years, the top models-XTR and Dura-Ace-are revisited with drastic improvements. And, sure as you can count on the Japanese components to work with the precision of a Swiss watch-those improvements pass on to the XTs, Ultegras, 105s, and SLXs like clockwork. The SLX M7000 1x Groupset is a case in point, incorporating many the features formerly reserved for XTR and XT so we privateers and self-sponsored racers can enjoy the timely shifting and braking that have made Shimano the largest cog in the components machine.

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SHIMANO XT BL-M8020 4 Piston Disc Brake

SALE 26% Off $149.99 $201.99

Few things in the mountain bike world get as much universal praise as Shimano brakes. In this day and age where a bike brand will typically spec the same brand for the drivetrain and brakes, product managers will buck convention and choose Shimano brakes with another firm's drivetrain because they just pack so much power and modulation and have an excellent track record with reliability. XT brakes usually get the call and we've been enjoying the ones that arrived with the redesigned M8000 group and now Shimano has upped the ante. The new XT BL-M8020 4 Piston Disc Brake gets upgraded to, you guessed it, four pistons for a 20% increase in braking power and better heat dissipation versus the two piston model. What remains the same is the lever shape with an integrated master cylinder and the stealthy black finish that matches the rest of the current XT group.

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SHIMANO XTR Di2 SW-M9050 Shift Lever

SALE 43% Off $130.19 - $197.46

While shift levers tend to get the most attention in mechanical drivetrains, Shimano's XTR Di2 SW-M9050 Shift Levers aren't the real headliners. That honor falls to the derailleurs. The shifters are just the messengers, serving as intermediaries between you and the solenoid situated in the derailleur, which actually drives the shift. Still, the levers do benefit from some classic Shimano R&D attention in order to ensure that the messenger delivers its missive quickly and accurately so the derailleur can do its work. In effect, the SW-M9050s are the middle managers of the most - for lack of a better word - perfect shifting we've ever experienced on a mountain bike.

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SRAM Level Ultimate Disc Brake

SALE 20% Off $239.95 $300.00

The Level Ultimate adapts many of the Guide Ultimate's features with a minimalistic design that sheds unnecessary bulk and drops from four pistons to two, marking a clear delineation between the Guide Ultimate's all-mountain and enduro designation and the Level Ultimate's XC and trail focus.

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