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Some info

Jesse Czelusta's goal is to ride the entire course of the 2008 Tour de France and to raise five dollars per kilometer for the Bay Area Outreach and Recreation Program and Kinetic Kids in honor of Rick Shelton. To date we've raised $3835 and Czelusta has completed Stage Seventeen (2818.5 km) of the Tour de France.
The course this year is challenging, with most of the 21 stages over 200 kilometers in length. There will be two individual time trials and three mountain stages, one of which finishes atop the legendary Alpe d'Huez. Czelusta will be starting each stage at 5 o'clock in the morning (before the peloton) and hopes to finish each day in time to watch the peloton arrive.

Jesse will be cycling each and every complete leg of the race - just as if he were competing - mere hours in advance of the competitors. Unlike the competitors, he has no support crew and is carrying everything he needs with him on the bike, making the ride that much more challenging. He will be cycling or taking a train between each phase (many of the segments are many miles apart). For more on his training plan, check out this blog entry.

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I don't know this guy or anything about him, but this is amazing. I've always wanted to just one stage.

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culdeus said:
Sorry thread title should read Jesse Czelusta... oops. Maybe someone will edit it.
Done. :cool:
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