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I am considering buying a Team bike from last year and would be very appriciative if anyone has info or experience with the Louis Garnea bikes. I can't find any reviews on the bikes. THANKS !! HOOV

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Louis Garneau himself is a legend. Sort of. He's an excellent business man in his field because he was a credible athlete. A Canadian cycling Hall of famer for sure. And he does know hot to sew and design fine clothes. He started by making the clothes himself, and the design.

But, like Bernard Thevenet, Stephen Roche, Maurizio Fondriest, Greg Lemond and so many others... He never welded (or glued) a frame... know what I mean?

A Garneau frame is not worst or better than any other generic (carbon) frame. It's probably made by Martec or some mass producing frame factory. Nothing wrong with it.

And as a fellow quebecer, I should probably encourage him... Yet truth is I dont think his bikes are better than a Giant...

See: a Devinci alu frame will be designed, refined, studied and made in Quebec... But their carbon frame? Not so sure.

Giuseppe Marinoni (and his team) will make you a frame in front of you if you want. Just like Tom Ritchey used to. But a carbon frame?

No personnality, generic plastic tubes.

Get an Isaac! A Parlee! A C4! A Giant has more personnality IMHO...

Still; getting a team bike is pretty cool. For it's still a generic TOP LEVEL bike with components and kit.Louis Garneau bikes are fairly new. They've only been around for a few seasons.

So if the deal is good, It's worth it for sure.

But as far as personnality goes: bikes have basically two choices of gruppo family. The rest is the frame. And LG frames don't impress me.
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