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I know this is going to sound vague and I apologize before hand.

I'm considering buying an older New Old Stock 10 speed carbon wheelset that has joytech hubs on them. The wheels were manufactured between 2006-2009 so I've been told. I was wondering if by chance anyone has any experience with upgrading joytech to 11 speed. From what I've been able to gather joytech might also be rebranded Novatec or some other hub.

I could use the wheelset as is for a few of my 10 speed bikes however I'd like to know for sure if I even have the option of changing out the cassette body to 11 speed or I'm stuck with the future chance of swapping out the hubs.

I don't have the model of the joytech hubs but I can show you the hubs on an example picture here. Zero Components

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