Julbo Aerospeed

Julbo Aerospeed in Zebra Light.​

Julbo has been providing performance glasses for year, with their Aero model being one my personal favorites for mountain biking. The anti-fog performance and lens technology enhance visibility and cover most riding and weather conditions.

Now comes the Aerospeed, a variant of the Aero. There is no upper frame to impact forward vision when you're seriously tucked. It has a rubber nose and temples, with removable ear pieces. Multiple lens options are available. The pictured Reactiv Aero Light version is $190.

Julbo Renegade

Julbo Renegade.​

The Renegade is intended to fill the role of casual performance glasses, looking good for day-to-day wear while being capable in technical applications. That is accomplished with rubber temple and nose pieces for retention and multiple lenses for different applications and price points. The Spectron is $110, Polarized is $130, and Reactiv is $190.

Julbo Renegade

Julbo Renegade in Polarized.​

The Julbo photochromic lens technology has been rebranded "Reactiv" to better reflect its functionality: It reacts to light. More ambient light means less makes it through the lenses, enabling one set of lenses to cover most rides. Transition time is around 18 seconds and it covers all but the brightest sun and darkest woods.

For more information, visit www.julbo.com.