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Looking for my Amish Love
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Interested in heading back to the Burg for a race weekend in July?
Yes? Well, then we've got a good time for you. Rogues Racing, the
local Blacksburg cycling team is hosting a race weekend with the
Roanoke Cycling Organization, RCO, on the July 4th weekend. We'll have
a crit in downtown Roanoke on Friday, July 4, an uphill TT in Roanoke
on Saturday, July 5, and a crit right here in Blacksburg on Sunday,
July 6. We've got excellent courses planned and over $6500 in prize
money to hand out. Oh, and if you're into the VA BAR points series,
we've got that too.

Find details on the race weekend at and then
go to to signup.

For those of you that are on teams that have email lists, would you
mind sending the flyer out to them? Also, for those of you that
frequent your local bike shop, would you mind printing our our flyer
and asking the shop if you can hang it in their window? This is our
first year or promoting an event here in Blacksburg, so we can use all
the help we can get. The flyer is available at


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I will be at 2 of the 3 at least. Hopefully can do all three.

Have done the hill climb 3 years straight.

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