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Me and the Mrs. were in Spring Green over the weekend doing our annual APT / Shakespear getaway. We always stay at the House on the Rock resort right across from the theater. For the last three weeks my back and knee have been out of whack where one bothers the other untill everything lines up again after a few days of rest.

Well that just wasn't happening with the projects here at the farm and pushing myself through last weeks Olympic Tri.

Then a couple of days rest and a different bed had Friday morning finding myself awake with no nagging knee. So I decide to take a short run one the cart path of the golf course at the resort. Well after about a mile the little persistant spasm in my lower back finally lets loose ( after 3 weeks I coudn't tell it was still tight till it let go). Wow my back feels great and then my knee does also. The back thing aggravates my knee on which I ruptured the meniscus years ago.

So I make it around the first 9 and head off for the second 9, finish that and I have the runners high thing going so I go the on to the north nine. I run all 27 holes and then looped the first 9 again my watch tells me at the very least have run 12 miles so far. Aw what the hell I say and go the distance and run a half marathon. The last mile in a down pour.

We had the MTB's with us and did some biking and today when I got home did another 20 miles on the tri-bike. Feeling pretty good, was a little stiff in the legs Saturday morning, but it was a god stiff/soreness.
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