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Former Mtn. biker here (I say former because it was getting hard to find the time to drive to the good trails). For the past 7 years Ive been riding a road bike exclusively, an average of 100-150 miles a week in the spring/fall/summer. The bike I was using was a Fuji Royale (circa 1980 or so). It was a hand me down bike from an older brother that was taller than myself, so it was at least one size too large, it was also too heavy...

Intended on getting a new bike this year, set my budget at 1k, and started doing some research on bikes, and visited several shops to get a feel for which ones I may like.

I found a bike shop I liked, and tested several models before I decided to go outside my budget pretty far and get the Specialized Roubaix Sport Compact. Going from the cro-moly frame to carbon, plus the improvement in the component group, its simply an amazing difference in riding.

Thoughts on this bike? Havent seen any postings on this particular model, only on the higher end ones from that line.​
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