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My first one was fun and I got to build it without any real restoration. I added new wheels to a frameset with nice original paint and put on a beautiful Brooks saddle. Leather is as real as steel!

For the second one I went to a garage sale and bought an old but complete 70's 10 speed with 27" wheels. It has no braze-ons for the cables and shifters and the rear wheel can be converted to fixed without needing new hub or wheel. No super bargain, I gave the guy his asking price of $75.

Got it home and stripped it. It weighed 25.5 lbs with stuff on it and 22 lbs with unnecessary bits taken off. Front hub needs cones and bearings, they're on order. Put new bearings in headset. BB is fine. I got the freewheel off and re-spaced a new solid axle and re-greased the pieces. I also re-dished the wheel and didn't have to worry about new spokes. I'm waiting on track cog and single stack chainring bolts. It will have 40/15 gearing.

I'm going to get it right mechanically and ride it with primer spots over some of the scratches before I give it a rattle-can special.

What fun!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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