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Last weekend I picked up a Speedfil system and I mounted it to my tri bike. Here are my initial thoughts:

The bottle was a ***** to mount, at first it was hard to get it in and out of the bracket, the edges of the plastic would scrape on the bracket and scrape and peel off (This can be seen in one of the pictures) but now that it has happened a few times the bottle seems to have broken in and now it has started to go in and out a lot easier.

Next is more a of a problem with the Aegis frame than the Speedfil system, the frame has a short recessed section for mounting a water bottle, and the bracket for the Speedfil system is really long, in order for it to mount it, I needed to use a mini pump holder and couple of chainring spacers (Also seen in pictures). Not only is this setup ghetto, but according to the Speedfil literature it voids the warranty. I have access to a mill and a lathe, so when I have the time I will fabricate something more substantial to go in between the frame and the bracket.

Now to performance, I have put about 2 ½ hours on the trainer this week using the system and it works really well. You squirt a bottle into the port, bite on the bite valve, and suck on the straw. I have found that I am drinking a lot more water. Having the bite valve right in front of your face makes it real easy to take a drink when ever you want.

So far I have only put water in it, so cleaning it hasn’t been to big of a deal, I imagine once I start putting sports drinks in it, it should get a little more involved. The literature talks about cleaning it out with bleach water, I’ll have to read more about effective bleach mixture ratios so I don’t put too much in and get thing all stinky with bleach.

All in all I think this thing will be great in sprint tri’s where I just want to keep my head down and drink. And it should work well during longer distances were I can grab a bottle in the feed zone, squirt it in the port, and chuck the bottle. My first duathlon is in May, I’ll give a longer term update after that.
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