K-Edge started with one simple product, an aluminum chain catcher. The chain catcher was a simple product with a simple goal, to help Kristin Armstrong win the Gold medal at the 2008 Olympics. She did just that and later repeated the feat again in 2012. That simple chain catcher would eventually be known as the K-Edge Chain Catcher, one of a slew of products K-Edge now offers. The latest is the K-Edge Computer Mount for the Garmin's Edge computers. Beautifully machined and anodized, the K-Edge Computer Mount moves your Garmin Edge off your stem and into a more sensible ergonomic position in front of the handlebars.

A welcome alternative to the stock stem mount position, the K-Edge mount is comprised of three CNC machined 6061 T6 aluminum pieces, two 3mm bolts will mount it to your 31.8 bars, with a 2.5mm bolt securing the recessed slot on the computer arm to the tab on the lower side of the mount. The arm features fore-aft adjustability to compensate for size differences between the different Garmin Edge models (200,500, and 800 series). Installation is pretty straight forward, a testament to the simple design of the mount. Once installed, the mount offers a secure wobble free connection. Looking at it closely, the mount is beautifully machined, looks quite robust, feels solid, and screams of quality.

Once installed, your Garmin clips in exactly like the stock mount, position it 90 degrees and turn. The Garmin now sits center in front of your cockpit, similar to the way that SRM has always positioned their PowerControl units. The new position puts the Garmin at about the midway point of your handlebars diameter, a more ergonomic position, it makes reading your Garmin much easier. We grew to prefer this position more and more as we used the mount, glancing down for information was much easier with just a glance of the eye instead of having to kink our necks.

Unlike similar products that are made of plastic and not CNC machined out of aluminum, the K-Edge mount offers rock solid stability. We found that our Garmin showed no signs of give when we would have to touch the screen or fiddle with the buttons. There was no flex in the arm, even though it's fully adjustable, this once again reinforces how stable the mount is. The adjustably was quite welcome as well, after a couple of rides, and some fine tuning with rotation and length of the mount, we were dialed. Something you won't be able to do with the rigid plastic mounts available. We did notice that the sharpness of the mount, especially around the actual Garmin/Mount interface, caused some plastic shavings to flake off our Garmin units. Alarming at first, it did not continue, and K-Edge is said to already be addressing the issue. Our Garmin is slightly lighter because of it, but no worse for wear.

The K-Edge Computer Mount weighed in on our scale at a respectable 30 grams. The mounts are available in three different anondized colors, Red, Black, and Gun Metal and carry a lifetime warranty guarantee. MSRP is $49.95, and might seem high, but keep in mind the mounts are manufactured locally in Boise, Idaho and that quality machining labor is not cheap. Due to high demand, K-Edge estimates at least a 10 day wait before your K-Edge leaves the factory if you buy direct, but you may luck out and come across one at your LBS.

The competition is stiff in this category right now, several options are available including Garmin's own solution, the Garmin Edge Out Front for $40. Above Category's BarFly also retails at $40 and SRAM's QuickView is available for just $20. All are constructed of plastic, which does decrease the weight (19 grams versus 30 grams), but they inherently do lose stability as well. The K-Edge, is well made, completely out of aluminum, offers an adjustable arm, and is rock solid on our handlebar. In our opinion, the cost and weight is worth the price in exchange for the stability of the K-Edge alone. And if we can be honest - the K-Edge looks much more refined and worthy of being front and center on our handlebars. This is a decision everyone will have to weigh on their own. One thing is certain, these new mounts that take your Garmin off the stem and put them in front of the cockpit are more functional and ergonomic, something you'll appreciate ride after ride.

[*]Beautifully CNC'd functional bike jewelry
[*]Strong, secure, no give
[*]Not likely to wear out like the stock rubber band mounts
[*]Well made right here in the USA (Boise, ID)

[*]Expensive (stock mounts from Garmin are $10, similar mounts from the competition are 20% cheaper)
[*]Heavy (weighs twice as much as the stock mounts)
[*]In heavy demand, so it might be hard to locate one.

4 out of 5

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3 out of 5

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