Tim Kelly of K-Edge shows us the new Road Pro Chain Catcher that made it's debut yesterday at the London Olympics on Team USA bikes including Kristin Armstrong's bike. The Pro version improves on the original, with a new locking mechanism to hold the chain catcher in place. Once in place, it allows you the user or a mechanic to check the derailleur, something Kelly says is missing from chain catchers that come pre-installed on front derailleurs. The new Pro Chain Catcher dubbed K-Edge 002 is also both lighter and more aero than it's predecessor, the K-Edge 001. The Pro will be available for $39.99 when it's released later this fall. The original K-Edge Chain Catcher, 001, will get a price reduction and be available for $29.99. This according to Kelly is done so more riders will be able to install a chain catcher.

K-Edge also quietly launched their computer mount for Garmin Edge 200, 500, and 800 GPS Computers recently, and say they cannot keep them in stock. The mounts retail for $49.99 and have been flying off the shelves. In addition to the computer mounts, K-Edge offers their GO BIG mounts, a series of mounts to hold your GO Pro cameras on the bike. Kelly says that their mounts reduces or eliminates the play in the mounting system resulting in better, less shaky videos. Countour owners should not fret though, as K-Edge says they're working on camera mounts for the Countour cameras as well.