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My folks came over from Cedar Rapids, Iowa to meet us in Kansas City Missouri for a couple of baseball games; Royals vs the Indians. The Metrodome here in MN is nice but we hadn't seen an outdoor game for a while. No room for the bike in the car, but I tried to keep the camera with me at all times. I attempted to shoot as many strangers as I could but still only a few turned out and I got plenty of dirty looks.
On Friday we went to the Plaza for some shopping and lunch before the game.
1.Nice colors
2.Pista with a leopard print saddle.
3.Car or motorcycle? who knows?
4.Riding high. (Actually some stranger took a picture of us later. I said to him "Did you get it?" He said "Yes, very cute")
5.Stranger. Sleeping baby.
6. On to the game.
7,8.Kauffman stadium fountains
9 A little too close for my comfort.
10. Margarita's!!! at the game no less.
11. Stranger. Mom covered baby's head, the Dad caught the foul ball.
12,13 Fireworks after the game.

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Part 2: Saturday

On Saturday we went to the City market in the morning before the game that night. Did a little shopping and went to the Arabia museum; a pre-civil war steam powered paddle wheel boat dug up from under 40 feet of mud- Very cool!
1. Arabia museum
2. Artifacts
3 Outdoor market
4 Taking a break
5.Stranger on MTN bike. Tough shot; had to wait till my wife wasn't looking and this lady's husband had ridden past. Who's gonna punch me first?
6 What do you want to eat tonight?
7. Stranger with a KC tattoo. His girlfriend caught me take this one.
8. Gotta go see the fountains again.
9. Pretzels with cheese
10 Flowers on the way home.
11. Waiting for lunch.

We were all very impressed with the town of KC. Had a great time and we will certainly be back. Usually we just drive through in the middle of the night. Next time we're bringing the bikes!

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The Baseball dudes are just wrong

But the rest of the pics are cool. Nice fireworks shot.
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