If you're tired of the same old fashioned energy bar that looks like a melted down piece of wheat bread coated with maple syrup, get ready to try something different. Just like its name, "Kate's Real Food" is exactly that: real food. Originating from Jackson Hole, WY, Kate's is now located in Idaho and was started by a girl named Kate, Kate Schade to be exact. The idea began by making a quick, healthy snack for herself, that she could eat while waiting in the tram line (during her self-admitted "ski-bum" days). After encouragement from friends, she branched out with her home recipe for the original Tram Bar, made from all natural and organic ingredients.

Besides skiing, Kate is a climber, dirt biker and cyclist, so she understands that people are tired of the same old "food-like" energy bars. She knows the needs and demands of the active, outdoor lifestyle and her energy snacks work great in these environments. Word of Kate's yummy bars spread quickly and after just a couple of years, she has grown from a one woman shop into a fast growing small business. Kate's Mission remains the same: supporting outdoor play & sustainable organic farming.

This video from Foodspring.com gives a brief overview of Kate's humble beginnings:

Kate's Real Food bars come in 5 flavors including the new Tiki Bar, Handle Bar, Stash Bar, Grizzly Bar and the original Tram Bar. Each bar is:
  • All natural & organic
  • Made with real ingredients that deliver 260-360 calories
  • Certified organic & kosher
  • Tasty and energy sustaining
  • Made in Idaho

The bars are 2.2 - 3 ounces in size and are perfect for throwing in your jersey pocket. They pack between 260-360 calories and the main ingredients are oats, honey peanut butter and chocolate, except for the new Tiki Bar which is made from organic coconut, honey, mango and peanut butter. The Tiki Bar is also gluten-free.

They are a firm bar that is moist and chewy. They have a good balance of sweetness with just a light salty tone (noticeably less salty than other bars we have tried). The Tiki Bar is slightly more "crumbly" than the other flavors, so it might not be your first choice if you are eating while pedaling (without stopping or dismounting). The price ranges from $2.79 to $3.29.

We here at RoadBikeReview HQ love Kate's Real Food bars and highly recommend that you try them all! If your local bike shop or outdoor sports store does not carry Kate's Real Food bars, they can be ordered directly from their website listed below. Try the 5 Bar Sampler Pack ($17.45) if you want to try each flavor.

Overall Rating:
5 out of 5 stars
5 stars!

The exact breakdown on each flavor is shown below:

From the Maker:
"New! Kate's is proud to introduce the Tiki Bar. Made with chewy coconut, sweet mango and crunchy cashew it brings the beach party to your taste buds. The new Tiki Bar recipe is also peanut, dairy, so and gluten free*, hand mixed for the best consistency and provides all day energy. Enjoy in the mountains, on a trail run or lounging surf side.

Ingredients: Organic coconut, Organic honey, Organic mango, Organic almond butter, Rice nuggets, Organic raw cashews, Sea salt, Organic lemon extract.

*Made in a factory that also processes gluten, peanut, soy and dairy products.

Real Food. Real Energy. Real Good. Kate's Real Food. Real people. Real Play. Real Living.


For more info or to order: https://katesrealfood.com/