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TBaGZ said:
The wire didn't go through the side wall. It was right in the center of the tread.
The bubble and the wire puncture are unrelated. You still haven't explained whether you experienced the tube coming through the sidewall or under the bead, or if it is a sidewall bulge. If it is a sidewall bulge or the tube extruding through the sidewall, then your only option is a boot, as described by Mr. V. Even the boot may result in a "residual bulge" and rapid tire wear or, if bad enough, cause you to throw out the tire. If the problem was the tube coming under the bead, then it was an installation error.

A simple "sidewall bubble" cannot exist in a bicycle tire for more than a few minutes. A leaky inner tube would be the source of the air in the bubble, and the bubble would pop quickly as the tire went soft from the tube leak.
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