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yes, I think the tire is defective. it may be related to your flat or not, but you are not supposed to have any bubbles anyware
TBaGZ said:
I picked up a new bike a couple weeks ago (Fuji Team) and tonight when I went to go for a ride it had a flat tire. So I pulled the wheel off took the tire off and found a lil pin hole in the tube from a piece of wire that went through the tire. It was such a microscopic piece of wire that I just patched the tube and put the tire back on. But when I inflated it I got a bubble on the side wall. I thought maybe I squeezed the tube with the patch so I took it back apart and the bubble wasn't near the patch. I double checked everything and put it back together and got the bubble again.

WTF? Think the tire is defective? I never had this problem with my old bike and I had a bunch of flats on that thing!
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