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ejr13 said:
Thanks C-40. Do you lube your cables? I know there are other threads on that topic. Just thought I'd ask you while your here.
Not really necessary. Except for some exotic stuff, Campy and DA cables are stainless and will last as long as they last and with routine maintenance and cleaning and replace when necessary.

I ride with DA cables and Campy cables, and out of habit mostly, I put a small dab of waterproof grease in the ferrule before seating the housing. I have no idea if it is effective or even necessary, but I have never had a cable issue. I have never even suffered the Shimano derailleur cable fray inside the STI shifter. (I rub some guitar nut grease - essentially graphite - near the cable stops) again, I have no idea if it is effective, but I have yet to suffer from these common issues.

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