Norridge, Illinois - Keep Your Stuff Dry with Axiom Bags, and Lexco has them

With more and more people commuting by bicycle now, and with fall and winter only a few months away, Axiom all-season waterproof panniers, handlebar, trunk, briefcase pannier and laptop bags are the perfect accessory. And now's the time to order your Axiom bags from Lexco.

Panorama Waterproof Panniers
With its 2,260 cubic inch capacity per pair, Axiom's Panorama panniers are a perfect set of commuter bags. The bags are made of waterproof 1000-800 denier nylon, feature plastic wear guards for years of service and seam-sealed waterproof compartments to keep clothes and work items dry.

Columbia FT - Waterproof Trunk Bag
Many commuters don't need to take a full change of clothes with them, but they still need a bag for personal items. That's where an Axiom Trunk Bag fits in. The Columbia FT is waterproof, features 895 cubic inches of capacity, has a double bottom which makes removal of the bag from a bike rack quick and easy and includes a padded shoulder strap.

Vancouver FT - Waterproof Trunk Bag
The Axiom Vancouver FT is the smaller cousin of the Columbia FT with 448 cubic inches of capacity. It also features a double bottom and padded shoulder strap.

Shuttle - Weatherproof Bar Bag
Some riders don't want the extra weight of a rear rack, so a full-featured handlebag is the solution. The Axiom Shuttle features a seam-sealed liner, 50 cubic inches of space and a detachable hip pack so that you can carry your essentials with you.

Transition Weatherproof Laptop Pannier
Take your laptop to and from work with this exceptional Axiom bag. It's made of 1000-800 denier waterproof nylon with a seam-sealed waterproof compartment. Plus, the bag features a water-resistant padded laptop holder, plastic wear guards and the cover zips over the laptop for added protection.

Graphite Weatherproof Briefcase Pannier
This Axiom bag also doubles as a soft briefcase. Made of 1000-800 denier waterproof nylon, the Briefcase Pannier features seam-sealed waterproof compartments, padded laptop holder, plastic wear guards and angled mounting hardware so that a rider's heels clear the bag when pedaling.

"Axiom waterproof bags are the perfect solution for year-round commuting or for that quick trip to the grocery or convenience store," says Karen Peterson for Lexco. "The bags feature bomb-proof construction, plus they're waterproof, including all seams. Lexco is proud to offer Axiom bags to all of our dealers."

Says Jeff Nyhaug of Norco, the company that brings Axiom bags to the U.S.: "Axiom has produced a series of bicycle bags under the Odyssee name since 2008. The series matches well with the previous series of FAMILIES, Transit, and Journey bicycle bags for which we have been known for, for some time now. The series break down as follows: Transit- short haul, day or weekend use, Journey- weekend to week long adventures, and for the consumer who wants it all, and won't settle for anything less, the Odyssee series. The Odyssee bags, which can handle the cross-country/adventure type of cycling, feature conventional fabric styles, but with PVC coated seam sealed waterproof compartments. Like the Transit, and Journey before it, Odyssee series bags include the consumer-friendly and impressive Axiom Guarantee, to be free of manufacturer's defects over the lifetime of the product. With Odyssee, we at Axiom have indeed gone a step beyond!"

Check out select Axiom bags in Lexco's free 2008 Catalog. For details, call Lexco toll-free at (800) 626-6556.

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