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rlim said:
I've posted this note in the retro-classic section which is probably incorrect ...


I've decided to update my vintage Campy SR pedals with a set of Keo Carbon pedals. I noticed the pedal doesn't thread into my Campy SR crank. I didn't want to force it as I'm concern it will damage the thread on the crank. In checking the thread on the crank, it is labeled as 9/16 x 20F. The manual for the Keo pedal shows 9/16 X 20. I checked the Campy pedal and there is a stamp of 9/16 X 20 on spindle.

Does the F on the crank signify a different thread resulting in the poor fitment?

Here, read this thread:

The "F" stands for "fine," as in "fine threads."
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