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I am looking at picking up a used 2000 Klein Quantum. It's listed as a 57, and Klein no longer makes a classic-geometry 57, so I can't go test fit a similar frame at a LBS. I also could not find any archived geometry on their site. Does anyone know what the top tube length is on this frame?


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Here You Go

Standover Height: 80cm/31.5cm
Horizontal Tube (c-c): 56.7cm
Seat Tube (c-top): 58cm
Chainstays: 41.4
Seat Tube Angle: 74 degrees
Head Tube Angle: 73.9 degrees
Wheelbase: 99.3cm
Bottom Bracket Height: 26.7cm
Fork Rake: 3.5 degrees

By chance I am selling a 57 Klein Quantum.

See my link for full size pictures:
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